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Moose Hunting

North America's largest big game animal. From Alaska to Newfoundland Canada, we've compiled a great selection of moose hunts, 94 in total. Shiras, Alaska-Yukon, and Canadian Moose hunts from reputable big game hunting guides and outfitters for that once-in-a-lifetime hunting experience. Guided and self-guided (drop camps, float trips) bow and gun moose hunts.

Top Moose Hunts (Gun)

  Location  # of Outfitters  # of Hunts  Average Cost 
British Columbia77$7,257
New Brunswick33$5,833

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Top Moose Hunts (Bow)

  Location  # of Outfitters  # of Hunts  Average Cost 
British Columbia77$7,257
New Brunswick22$5,500

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Moose Guide (Alces alces)

The moose is the largest member of the deer family, Cervidae. It is found in North America from Alaska to eastern Canada, south into the northwestern United States, and in Europe and Asia from Norway to Mongolia. The name moose is an American Indian word.

The moose is a massive animal with long legs, a large head, and an elongated, overhanging muzzle. A long flap of skin, called the bell, hangs beneath its throat. Large bulls may be 3.1 m (10 ft) in length, plus a short tail, and up to 825 kg (1,800 lb) in weight. Bulls typically also have large, broad, spoon-shaped spiked antlers, which may be 1.8 m (6 ft) across.

Of the four species of moose, the Alaska-Yukon moose is the largest, bulls can weigh in excess of 1400 pounds and stand 7 1/2 feet at the top of their hump. They inhabit Alaska, the Yukon and the western regions of the Northwest Territories. The Eastern Canada moose lives in more heavily timbered areas, and can be found in the Canadian provinces of eastern Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, and in the United States can be found in Maine and occasionally down into Massachusetts. The Shiras moose inhabits the southeastern regions of British Columbia and southwestern Alberta, as well as western states of Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. The Western Canada moose is the second largest specie, and primarily inhabit areas of the Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and a few have been seen in the northern states of the USA.

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Spotlight Moose Outfitter

Gunson Guiding & Outfitting

Our Guide-Outfitter Territory is 2000 sq miles of virtually inaccessible wilderness located in the far north of British Columbia. Our area includes the north slopes of the Rocky Mountains, stretches across the Liard River, and then north to the Yukon border. The terrain is incredibly varied, offering everything from the alpine meadows of the Rocky Mountains, to the lakes, rivers and vast forests of the Liard Plateau. This diverse habitat provides a home for some exceptional wildlife including Stone Sheep, Canadian Moose, Mountain Caribou, Mountain Goat, Elk, Grizzly, Black bear and Wolf.

GGO is owned and operated by Jake and Cecilia Gunson. Jake grew up with horses, and has hunting in his blood. He has over 20 years of experience guiding in Manitoba, Alberta, B.C., the Yukon, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories. While growing up in the Northwest Territories, Cecilia spent her time hunting, fishing and camping with her family.

We first established GGO as an archery-only whitetail outfit in 2001. After several years of operating in Manitoba, we sold our whitetail allocation and moved on to pursue other opportunities; Jake as an Environmental Scientist, Cecilia as an Occupational Therapist.

Now, we have a young family and have decided it is time to get back to the life we love. We have purchased a fabulous Guide-Outfitting Territory in northern BC and hope that you will be able to join us.

In 2017, GGO decided to try something new: Spring Black Bear hunts. Jake has hunted/guided most species across western Canada, but had never really done spring bear hunts. We found a fabulous area that was operating ‘under the radar’ with a core group of repeat clients, who returned year, after year, after year. That told us about all we needed to know. We have been and are still working very closely with the former Outfitter, to learn as much as we can about his obviously successful operation.

Species Offered

Bear - Black
Mountain Goat
Sheep - Stone

Moose Range

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